YBride: Yara El Helou

Here comes the Bride! The first love story to ever be featured on YKJB is that of the original YBride—my good friend Yara El Helou and her fiancé Karim Bois. They are currently happily engaged and have invited YKJB to be a part of their “I Do” experience! Stay tuned to hear all about their love story and wedding planning!

Yara and Karim’s Engagement. Dec. 2013


Yara and Karim met through the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at the University of Ottawa in May of 2013. After communicating on Facebook, they found that their religious values and their outgoing personalities were a perfect match. Within 7 months, the lovely couple received blessing from her family and Yara and Karim were engaged on December 19th, 2013! They had an intimate engagement ceremony with family at her parents’ house and from this point on they went right into thinking about their Katb Kitab.

The Katb Kitab is a religious wedding ceremony that takes place within the Islamic faith. With this ceremony, a religious contract is produced and in the eyes of God they are officially husband and wife. Yara and Karim’s Katb Kitab will be at the end of August, so stay tuned for the highlights of what will be a breathtaking day full of love!

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