Weeve #1: Random People Inviting Themselves to the Wedding!

It’s crazy the characters that appear back in your life when you get engaged! Who would have thought your 5th grade teacher’s niece, who you had art class with in grade 9, would friend you on Facebook just to say “Congratulations!” At first I found it very sweet, hearing from friends old and new, far and wide. I guess when these same “old faces” started asking “so when’s the wedding”, I should have taken it as a sign, but it didn’t really strike me as odd  until people started actually inviting themselves to our (as in mine and my fiance’s, not their’s) Big Day. Now that is a BIG Weeve of mine!

Now you may wonder, what is a Weeve? Well a Weeve is a Wedding Peeve (something relating to weddings that really annoys you) and for me this is most definitely one. How are you going to invite yourself to someone else’s wedding? Especially if it is someone you never really talk to or no longer have any type of relationship with? We’ve had people message us directly or tell one of our family members or friends that they are so excited for the wedding or that they “best be on the guest list.”

Words of Advice: If you are invited, you will receive an invitation, plain and simple. But NEVER, and I mean NEVER  just assume you’ve made the guest list. Frankly, it can result in a really embarrassing moment and puts the people getting married in an awkward position. IF we could invite you all, we would, but alas we cannot.

We understand, people get excited when they hear of wedding news, and sometimes in all the excitement they might jump the gun a bit. But just as a general rule of thumb, try to remember to be considerate of the couple and don’t take it to heart if you don’t receive an invite for the wedding of your best friend’s girlfriend’s brother…

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One comment on “Weeve #1: Random People Inviting Themselves to the Wedding!

  1. This is soo true!!! People automatically “expect” to be invited!!!
    Some people will just have to learn the hard way!☺️