Venue Searching Sorrows!

You always think about how exciting it is to get engaged and plan your dream wedding, but even when you anticipate there will be some stress, it still sucks when you are going through it. My fiancé (and yes it is still weird to me to call him my fiancé) and I have been engaged for just about a month now and it feels like every weekend since we have spent venue shopping — and it’s not like in the movies!

You go to a place, fall in love, hear the price and then your heart sinks! “You want us to pay how much for FOOD?” and “What the heck is a SOCAN fee?” and “Do we really need an Open Bar?” are some of the many thoughts that start running through your mind the more and more you speak to Venue representatives. Costs for things you didn’t even know existed start appearing and before you know it your whole wedding budget is only enough to cover your wedding dinner (not even dessert!).

No doubt about it, it is stressful! But it is something that you have to go through if you want a place to get married at (other than a backyard wedding or City Hall, which are both looking pretty good right about now…). Along the way, I’ve found that there are three things that have helped me get through it:

  1. Staying Positive: Things may seem bleak, but you will find a place! Sometimes this may mean adjusting your expectations or being open-minded to options you might not have considered before! There are so many places available for you to get married that one of them is bound to work out! So stay positive, it will all come together.
  2. Remember Your Budget: I’ve found that always keeping my budget in mind has helped me to stay grounded thus far. Knowing that there are costs outside of just the mere venue to account for has pushed me to ask more questions on how I can save when it comes to choosing the venue. Maybe a Friday wedding instead of a Saturday wedding is more realistic and maybe we don’t need the smoke machine or the cirque de soleil performers? Just a thought!
  3. Don’t Lose Sight of What Matters: Last, but not least, I find that reminding myself what this is all about helps the most. At the end of the day, I just want to marry the man of my dreams, and realistically, I could do that anywhere. The wedding is one day, but the marriage is for the rest of my life. So even if I don’t have the expensive flowers (which will wilt and die) or the super cool wedding favours (which no one will ever use), I’ll still have him and truly, that’s all that really matters.

It’s still early, so I hope I don’t forget these three things as I continue to plan. I also hope that if you are going through any wedding woes (yes there is more to come after choosing a venue) that these may help bring you some peace of mind. Remember how much you love your SO and the rest will all come together in the end!

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2 comments on “Venue Searching Sorrows!

  1. Great plan Chantal!!! Keeping positive always works! BUT there will be days that you will need to cry!!! It’s okay to cry! It’s okay to scream! Beacuse at the end of it all…’s what you and your fiance want and what makes you both happy!!!!

    On a side note….no need for real flowers!!! 😊😊😊😊