Special Feature: “Pearl Decor” Interview – Part 1

YKJB is excited to present a very special feature on the blog this week: Pearl Decor

I was delighted at the chance to interview Rasha Zeinab, Pearl Decor’s  Lead Designer, for a behind-the-scenes peak into the world of Pearl Decor and their experience in the wedding industry.

In case you didn’t know…

  • Pearl Decor is an event decor/design team based in Ottawa, Ontario that has been in business for almost five years.
  • The team is comprised of several members, from warehouse crew who get the vans organized for each of their events, to their social media gurus that keep us all up-to-date with their latest designs!
  • Rasha Zeinab has a Mastery in Design and her Lead Floor Planner has a degree in Architect. Both have been certified and professionally trained to work in the wedding design industry.

What motivated the creation of Pearl Decor? It all started almost 5 years ago, when a few of us at a local non-profit organization were asked to decorate for a fundraiser. We created a beautiful design for the fundraiser, and all of my friends and family complimented us on how great everything turned out. With a lot of encouragement, especially from my mom who has been by my side through everything, I decided to open up this business without a doubt in mind. I’m so proud of how far we have come, and I can’t wait for us to grow even more!

What types of Services does Pearl Decor offer?  We at Pearl Decor offer a variety of services. If a bride wants full decor, we do that, and this is what is mostly requested by brides. This often includes decorating the ceremony, and the reception venue. To name a few, decor includes creating a backdrop design, head table, cake table, and much more. We do have clients that only want partial decor, such as having their backdrop and head table designed, and they supply their own guest table decor items like centerpieces. We’re a really flexible company and work to meet all our brides requests and visions.

If requested, do you provide décor services for events leading up to a wedding, such as a bridal shower or engagement party? Yes! Pearl Decor loves designing events leading up to a wedding! We specialize in all types of events, and have done many bridal showers, engagement parties, and cultural events such as a Mehendi, which is a traditional south-asian custom before the wedding. We even do non- wedding related events, such as baby showers, birthday parties, and we sponsor quite a few events every year.

Being based in Ottawa, do you solely provide décor for Ottawa weddings or are you willing to travel out of town? As an Ottawa based company, 90% of our work is done in the city. But we do work on the outskirts of Ottawa, such as in Manotick, and many clients have been on the Quebec side as well. One of the coolest experiences for us was designing a wedding all the way in Toronto! But reasonably, we would stay within Eastern Ontario. So Ottawa, London, Toronto. We also have travelled to Montreal and designed events as well.

Do you help create a vision for clients or do you prefer when your clients come with a preset vision for you to execute? When it comes to a wedding vision, clients come in either knowing exactly what they want or having no idea whatsoever. For me, I have no preference to which I like more. Every bride is different, and envisions something different on their wedding day. I do love giving ideas and advice to all my clients, and sometimes a bride can come in with a vision and I try to elaborate their vision to create something spectacular.

What would you say is the best quality for an event decorator/designer to have? Being an event decorator/designer, it is so important to possess excellent communication skills. This is a people business, which means that you spend the majority of your time talking to others—the bride, the groom, family members, vendors, etc. A professional wedding decorator will understand what the couple’s vision truly is. They will stay in contact with their bride to ensure they are doing all they can to make their dream day come true.

Want to learn more about this amazing decor/design team? Stay tuned for Part 2 of YKJB‘s interview with Pearl DecorIn the meantime, check out their awesome website (http://ottawapearldecor.com/) and Facebook page.



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