Special Feature: “Eternal Nights Events” Interview

Today on the blog I am excited to share with all of you my interview with event co-ordinator  Ashley,  who is one of the founders of Eternal Nights Events. Along with being certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Ashley brings a lot of passion to her practice. With the help of her  event co-ordination partner,Rashni, Ashley is determined to produce breathtaking events that will leave a lasting…or should I say eternal impression in your memory.


For more about Ashley and Eternal Nights Eventscheck out the interview below:


What sparked your interest in event planning?
Coming from a large family, I’ve attended my fair share of events. I’ve always been interested and appreciated the fine details in events, the small personal touches that the host has added in to make their event unique. I quickly learned that it wasn’t easy for everyone to plan an event that ran smoothly without any major hiccups, especially when your guest list is comprised of large groups of people (I’m used to attending weddings of 300-1200 people).

The one thing I found was that I enjoyed the organization process the most. Starting with the basics of how many people would attend, choosing a venue, planning out the flow of the day then adding in the fine details such as décor and selecting invitations were tasks that I found exciting. Early on in my life I became one of the go to people amongst my family and friends to assist in coordinating their events. I didn’t see it as “work”, rather I saw it as something I enjoyed and took great pride in.

When did you decide to turn your interest in event planning into a business?
In 2010 I took the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada course and became a certified wedding coordinator. Later that year, I planned my first 3 day wedding and received great feedback from the bride and groom. While in teacher’s college, I assisted in planning many events for friends and family. In 2013, I began a new role within Staples as a Retail Services Coordinator where I had the responsibility of coordinating an awards show and conference for all managers of Staples Canada. As I became more and more involved in event planning I decided that it was something I would like to pursue along with my full time job at Staples. In 2015 a friend and I decided that we would like to start an event planning business together and later launched Eternal Nights Events in January 2016.

img-8211Why did you choose the name Eternal Nights Events”?
We wanted to choose a name that would encompass the fact that events are held to build memories that last a lifetime.  We chose “Eternal” to represent “lasting forever” and “Nights” for our passion and focus on receptions and milestone events.

Do you offer free consultations when first meeting potential clients?
We offer free consultations upon our first meeting with the client.  Our goal in this meeting is to identify the client’s vision for their event and offer ideas on how we are able to assist in the execution of their special event.

What services does Eternal Nights Events offer?
We offer anything from consultation appointments to full event coordination for birthdays, anniversaries, baby or bridal showers, weddings, engagements, baptisms and conferences. For individuals who don’t know where to start, we set up consultation appointments to assist in mapping out the steps involved in planning their event. We offer services for others who know what they want, but need assistance in putting all the pieces together. We recognize that the needs of all hosts differ and work with our clients to customize a package best suited to their needs.

Could you name some vendors you have worked with that you would recommend to others?
We have had great experiences with Just Temptations desserts, DMG Designz for hair and makeup, Fiona Man MUA and AM Motion for videography to name a few.

What’s the best way to contact you to inquire about your services?
The best way to contact us would be via phone or email.  We are committed to responding to all inquiries within 24 hours.

img-8161And last, but not least, what is the main thing that motivates you each day in your work?
What motivates us the most each day is knowing that we are being given the responsibility of making an important day in someone’s life flow smoother and be stress free for them.  It is our goal to ensure that we handle all of the fine details and assist in organizing the schedule for the day.  On the day of, we do our best to make sure that the only job of the host is to enjoy their event and focus on building memories.



A special thanks to Ashley from Eternal Nights Events for taking time out of her busy schedule for an interview with Y Knot Jump the Broom! And if you are looking for a great team to assist you with your next event, be sure to check out their website here!

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