DIY “Pick-A-Date” Jar

With my parents celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary, my sister and I wanted to make them something special. They have spent so much time and effort into making our lives full of laughter and love  over the years, so we thought it’s about time they spent some quality time just the two of them.

So what we decided to do was make them a “Pick-A-Date” Jar. To make this all we used was:

  • A Fluorescent Paper Pad from Target (my sister bought this at Target before the store by us closed 🙁 , but you can really use any type of paper you like)
  • Dollar Store Cookie Jar
  • Deco Color Paint Markers from Michael’s
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Dollar Store Bow (if you want that added touch)

First we decided on how many date options we wanted to put into the jar. You can do as many as you like, as long as they can fit into the jar. Next we brainstormed different dates that we thought our parents would enjoy. Some of the dates we chose were:

  1. Have a Picnic (either inside or outside)
  2. Go to a Drive-In Movie
  3. Play a Game of One-on-One
  4. Go Salsa Dancing
  5. Take a Bicycle Ride for 2
  6. Spa Trip
  7. Wine Tasting at a Winery
  8. Fondue for 2

After picking out an assortment of dates, we used a few of the different patterned sheets of paper from the Fluorescent Paper Pad to trace out hearts. We then wrote down a different date on each of the hearts and cut them out. Once all the hearts were cut out we folded them in half and placed them inside the jar.

I wrote “Pick-A-Date” on the front of the jar using a black Deco Color Paint Marker, but feel free to get creative and write what ever you please on your jar! I suggest that you write on the jar before putting the hearts inside, but once the lid is on securely it doesn’t make too much of a difference whether you do it before or after.

Once you do write on your jar, you should give it some time to dry before wrapping it. We let our jar dry for a couple of hours before touching it, just to make sure we wouldn’t smudge it.

Then, once it was dried we placed a cute, green bow on top as a finishing touch! And voila, you have your Pick-A-Date Jar!


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