Yara and Karim’s celebratory serenade by the lovely singer at Mazza Garden (with non-alcoholic champagne) So beautiful and so happy!

Check out this tale of how Bellerose’s scenic trip with Laurent takes a shocking twist in the end! The romance, the build-up! The pull-over?

Has your dad started acting strange when it comes to the topic of your significant other? ‘Tis the case with Bellerose and her Antsy dad.

The stress. The build-up. The anxiety of all. What is more stressful than planning a wedding you may ask? 

September 15th, 2014: The First Agonizing Pause “I was at the cottage with Laurent, just him and I all weekend. He was a little more close & lovey dovey than usual. On Sunday morning we go four wheeling & he brings me up this hill into a beautiful lavender […]

After watching last week’s episode of Master Chef, I was inspired to make a post about a delicacy that is not only amazing in taste, but in its structure as well! Croquembouche is a type of dessert that is traditionally used by the French as a wedding cake […]