Lauren and Nathan’s “Bridal Party” Party

Last weekend Lauren and Nathan hosted a “Bridal Party” Party up at Lauren’s cottage in Bobcaygeon and it was a blast!

Basically, the point of the party was to have everyone meet and get to know each other before the Big Day. Most people went up to the cottage on the Friday night, which consisted of a bridesmaids dance session with the bride, a sweet champagne toast given by Sen (The Best Man), followed by an intense round of “Catch Phrase.” We closed off the night (well more like morning since we went to bed somewhere around 4 AM) with an awesome jam session led Kyle (groomsman) and Sen, who both played the guitar!

Saturday afternoon, the Groom and his Groomsmen made everyone a delicious brunch (way to go guys!). 14455904_10157718575420713_1709169746_oAfter brunch the rest of the bridal party arrived, so Sen and I had everyone sit in the living room and introduce themselves. Sen and I also planned an icebreaker and had everyone participate in the “Guess Who I Am” game. We stuck a name tag with different people or characters on each person’s back and they had to go around asking people “yes” or “no” questions until they figured out who they were. Interestingly enough, the Groom (who actually had the Bride’s name stuck to his back) won the game, but we continued to play until everyone figured out who they were.

After this game we all went for a hike on a trail a short drive away from the cottage. Lauren and Nathan wanted to bring everyone out for an activity that they enjoy doing as a couple. It was nice to get out and be active. Some of the bridal party went into the water to cool off, while the rest of us sat an relaxed on the rocks or played frisbee. Once we finished the hike, we stopped by a winery and did some wine tasting then we headed back to the cottage. 14489524_10157718575885713_575664161_o-1

Since the guys prepared brunch, the ladies prepared dinner. While we cooked up some spaghetti and garlic bread, the guys went for a nice canoe ride. After dinner, the guys started a fire which led us to having some fun with sparklers and roasting marshmallows (of course we enjoyed some S’mores too!). We also played another game, which Sen and I put together. Basically we had each of the bridesmaids and groomsmen pick a song that relates to their relationship to the bride and groom. It could any song from a song that the person always sings or dances to with the bride or groom to just a song that they feel describes their friendship. We played each of the songs on a bluetooth speaker while huddled by the campfire and had Lauren and Nathan guess which of their friends picked that song. They basically got every song within the first line (sometimes the first couple beats) of the song. It definitely brought out a lot of laughter and even some dance moves.

The rest of the night was pretty chill, with some more singing and board games. We had to say good bye to some of the bridal party that night too, which actually had us all feeling sad at the fact that we all won’t be together again until June. It seems like within the span of just a couple days, we all were able to really bond and I’m so happy and honoured to be a part of bridal party with such a great group of friends 🙂.


For more photos from this fun event, check out the Gallery!

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