Has your dad started acting strange when it comes to the topic of your significant other? ‘Tis the case with Bellerose and her Antsy dad.

The stress. The build-up. The anxiety of all. What is more stressful than planning a wedding you may ask? 

September 15th, 2014: The First Agonizing Pause “I was at the cottage with Laurent, just him and I all weekend. He was a little more close & lovey dovey than usual. On Sunday morning we go four wheeling & he brings me up this hill into a beautiful lavender […]

After watching last week’s episode of Master Chef, I was inspired to make a post about a delicacy that is not only amazing in taste, but in its structure as well! Croquembouche is a type of dessert that is traditionally used by the French as a wedding cake […]

On August 23rd, 2014 Yara and Karim celebrated their love at the Katb Kitab/Katb el Kitab! Check out this Sneak Peek and stay tuned for more to come!      

So you’re at the point in your relationship where you have made up your mind—this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with—and this brings instant excitement, of course. With all this excitement also comes the realization that you are close to (or […]