It’s crazy the characters that appear back in your life when you get engaged! Who would have thought your 5th grade teacher’s niece, who you had art class with in grade 9, would friend you on Facebook just to say “Congratulations!” At first I found it very sweet, […]

Happy Sunday!! We are so happy to have the Proposal on film because it means we get to re-live the moment for years to come. Check out our first reaction to our Proposal Video and we hope you have a wonderful day!  

You always think about how exciting it is to get engaged and plan your dream wedding, but even when you anticipate there will be some stress, it still sucks when you are going through it. My fiancé (and yes it is still weird to me to call him my fiancé) […]

One of the most incredible experiences of my life AND it was caught on film! So excited to share with you how my, now fiance, proposed!

#WeddingWednesdays: When the blogger becomes the bride 😊💍 Stay tuned for new and exciting things to come as I document my very own “Y Knot Jump the Broom” journey! #Engaged#LetThePlanningBegin

Congrats to my best friend and her husband on tying the knot last Saturday! What a beautiful day filled with so much love and laughter all around! I am still so honoured to have been chosen to share in this special day and am so happy for the […]